Everybody would agree the modeling industry has evolved significantly over the past few decades. While the emergence of social media and Internet culture has shaken things up in the past few years, with new faces being discovered online through both targeted searches and random scrolls, we aim to take things a step further, connecting the Web and the fashion community like never before. Our plan to simplify the way in which models are booked: As well as going through an agency if you are repped, photographers, casting directors, and brands can connect with models directly, viewing their stats, digitals, and day rates with the click of a button.

Modelnet provides a booking alternative that will ultimately speed up the process. “This was really meant as a way to solve problems and give everyone access,” says Paul, noting that agencies can have their own biases, such as favoring established photographers over newer talents: “There are a lot of really great photographers that are very time poor so with faster access to great models as they test and build their own portfolios its win win. Agencies often work with young photographers in order to beef up the portfolios of their newer models, access to a pool of emerging talent is mutually beneficial. Much the way that Uber provides riders with the ability to leave feedback on their drivers, all members are verified and models are able to leave reviews in order to weed out unsavory experiences, taking out some of the guesswork involved with a new name. So what are you waiting, join up today it's free.